Potential analgesic effect of Cissus quadrangularis l. and Lepedium sativum l. along with their combination extracts

Potential analgesic effect of Cissus quadrangularis l.and Lepedium sativum l. along with their combination extracts

Authors: Amir Shadmani Ghazala H. Rizwani and Maryam Ahmed*

The analgesic activity of methnolic root extract of Cissus quadrangularis l. (CQ) and seed extract of
Lepedium sativum l. (LS) were studied in mice along with combination (CL) of CQ and LS at a ratio of
70:30. The analgesic effects were studied by using Tail flick and Hot plate method for tail and hand paw
withdrawal time in mice. The extracts were analyzed at doses of 50100 and 200 mg/kg i. p. The results
suggest that the methnolic root extracts of CQ and LS contains some active principles which possess
analgesic activity. While the combination extract showed significantly potent tail flick withdrawal
response in mice as compared to diclofenac sodium which was used as standard. Preliminary
phytochemical evaluation was also carried out of these extracts. In phytochemical studies of methanol
extract of CQ stem revealed the presence of triterpenes including α- amyrins β- amyrins β-sitosterol
ketosteroids phenols tannins carotene and vitamin C in a considerable quantities. 128 While in
methanol extract of seeds of LS phytochemical studies showed rich occurrence of primary metabolites
such as carbohydrate protein fatty acid and Vitamins: β-carotene riboflavin niacin and ascorbic acid
along with volatile oils fixed oils flavanoids isothiocynate glycoside were detected when performed the
phytochemical studies.34 The analgesic activity of both the extracts and combination are found
significant as compare to normal saline while the result of combination extract CL showed as potent as
diclofenac sodium at dose of 50 100 and 200 mg/kg.
Keywords: Cissus quadrangularis l (CQ); Lepedium sativum l (LS); Combination extract (CL);
Analgesic; Hot Plate; Tail flick method

Download: Maryam Ahmed et al SPJPBS.2017.5(1)001-008